Gemeinsam mit Kipepeo wird nächstes Frühjahr 2021 ein Permakultur-Seminar für Multiplikator*innen organisiert, um vor allem in West-Kenia das Permakultur-Bildungsangebot zu verbessern und dafür die nötigen Kapazitäten wie Permakultur-Lernzentren mit geschultem Personal aufzubauen.


A summary for what has happened since the networking training of permaculture organization which took place in March 2020 and hosted by our organization.

The training helped establish and strengthen a permaculture community group at Kipepeo Resource Centre that is now managing the Kipepeo Farm. Planting crops on the farm and effectively making use of it.

The group has been legally registered and recognised by the Kenyan government as a self-help group.

The group is able to meet weekly to monitor, manage and work on the farm effectively utilising it.

The permaculture group has been able to receive some support from World Bank group project through County Government of Vihiga for production of local vegetables and use of solar energy for irrigation on the farm

Members are now undertaking weekly training on best farming practices to enhance their skills and competencies in sustainable farming models using permaculture concept.

At the resource centre now we have maize planted which will enable supply of food stuffs to community group while working at the farm.

We also have planted bananas at the farm, Sugarcane and arrow roots for provision of food stuffs to members working at the farm as a self-sustainable way.

The participants of the March training facilitated the planting of trees both beautification and food trees at the resource centre.

The trees has now created good ambience at the resource centre with promise of supply for food in future as well as shade at the farm. The trees will also act as wind breakers hence help protect our farm from strong winds. Our soil is also well protect from soil erosion since the planting of the trees at our farm.

The aim of the learning centre is to establish learning demonstration plots that will offer hand on experience for the local farmer through practical trainings on the farm.

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