Permakultur Kurs "Social Community" mit Robyn Francis vom 18. bis 20.09.2015

Um erfolgreich soziale Projekte durchführen zu können - sei es im städtischen Gemeinschaftsgarten oder in Projekten des globalen Südens - benötigt man entsprechendes Handwerkszeug. In diesem 3-tägigen Intensivkurs sollen Kenntnisse vermittelt werden, um die Qualität und Effektivität gemeinschaftlich getragener Permakultur-Initiativen zu verbessern.

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Topics include:

• Social permaculture design, social and cultural ecology;
• ESM, social catchments and strategic planning for communities, bioregions and transition initiatives;
• identifying and nurturing sense of place and community spirit
• Facilitation skills for inclusive processes;
• Participatory processes for consultation, decision-making & design; forums, affinity matrix, imagineering, milling, visualisations, popcorn, speak-out, conversation cafes and many more…
• Creating community contracts, protocols, procedures, accountability, governance and decision-making processes;
• Program logistics, planning, team building, developing networks, promotion;
• Adapting to ethnic, cultural and human diversity in the community;
• Communications, dealing with difficult people and situations;
•  Holmgren’s principles for activists;
• Conviviality, creativity, fun, and community glue;
• Connecting with indigenous and traditional wisdoms, reframing our cultural ecology.

A Social Permaculture & Community Faciliators Masterclass  

Empower yourself to empower others. Social permaculture with Robyn Francis exploring the space where people care meets cultural ecology and social design and how skilled facilitation can harness community energy for collective action. The focus of this course is on inclusive processes to embrace human and cultural diversity and cultural respect. Increasingly permaculture work involves good people skills and multicultural understanding, especially for those engaged in community gardens, community development work and empowering the disadvantaged and people at risk in society. These skills and tools also apply to permaculture groups, transition initiatives, ecovillages, permaculture teachers and sustainable development work that demands good facilitation and tools for participation.

Through this short intensive course, Robyn Francis shares over 3 decades of international experience in community design, facilitation and participatory process in diverse situations, cultures and different climates. She has been teaching facilitation and community development for 25 years

This intensive course aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of permaculture community initiatives and project work through social design and inclusive facilitation empowerment for building resilient community.

Robyn Francis

Robyn Francis, internationally renowned permaculture designer, educator and pioneer, has been working in community facilitation and design for over 35 years. Her range of experience includes intentional communities and ecovillages; community-based transition, sustainability and bioregional initiatives; community consultation and participatory design for community groups, government, corporate clients and developers, plus work with indigenous communities and overseas development programs. Robyn Francis was founding director of Permaculture International, Djanbung Gardens and Permaculture College Australia. She lives in Nimbin, NSW Australia, a community with 4 decades of experience in social innovation, community development, sustainable lifestyle and non-violent activism.  More information about Robyn visit  and

Course activities will include presentations, discussion, role play, group project work and participatory processes, you will learn many of these processes by doing them through your course work…


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